Oculus CBD Pre Rolls
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Oculus CBD Pre Rolls

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Ghost Dancer pre-roll has an earthy pine and citrus smell from the onset. You will enjoy it! The subtle hints of citrus and pine are provided throughout the use. If you are looking for a product to help you relax and feel calm, try our Ghost Dancer pre-rolled joint.

Smell: is earthy, piney, and citrus.

Taste: pine hints of citrus

Feel: calm, relaxation, and motivation

T1X Berry Blossom pre-roll initially provides a sweet earthy smell and a sweet and sour organic after-taste. If you are looking for a CBD product to help you feel focused and energetic, T1X will not let you down.

Smell: sweet earthy

Taste: sweet and sour organic after taste

Feeling: focus/ energy

Kachina Wing pre-roll has an amazing tangy, sour smell with a hint of sweetness taste. This CBD blossom will lift you up! Giving you a boost of energy and focus.

Smell: tangy, sour with a hint of sweet

Taste: sour/ sweet

Feeling: up lifting, energetic, focus

Gumpy flower has an organic-earthy aroma with a subtle grassy, pungent taste. This Gumpy CBD flower helps you relax and may help relieve some of your pain.

Smell: organic/ earthy/ skunky

Taste: gassy / skunky

Feeling: relaxing/ pain relief
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