LVE Sonnet (DNA Chip) Cartridge Mod
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LVE Sonnet (DNA Chip) Cartridge Mod

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LVE Sonnet Smart Cartridge Mod


The LVE Sonnet, powered by Evolv, is the smartest cartridge battery mod on the market. No more burnt hits, incompatible cartridges, or short battery life! This unique cartridge mod uses brand new patented technology that reads and scans any cartridge inserted and sets everything PERFECTLY, ensuring a harmonious session every single time. The LVE Sonnet is equipped with replay technology, allowing you to recreate the heating profile of your last puff every single time.

Specifications & Features:

510 Thread Cartridge Compatible with Magnetic Connection

Built-in 800mAh Battery --- This board is over 30% more efficient using power then other cartridge batteries, lasting longer than any competitors 1000mAh battery devices.

Simple Use with a Complex Chip --- The device automatically switches its battery profile to match your cartridge. All the user needs to do is Select low, medium, or high, and the processor does the rest of the work continuously.

RePlay Function is the Best Way to Enjoy Any Flavor --- We know that different users like a different experience; cool and flavorful, huge clouds, small and discreet. Whatever you are going for, RePlay takes you there on cruise control. We often see people tapping the fire button during a hit to keep from getting the cartridge too hot, while still trying to get maximum vapor. RePlay takes the guesswork out of getting the perfect puff by varying the power continuously for you. Same heat up time, same max heat.

1. Press and hold the fire button to take a hit, but without tapping the button multiple times during your hit.

2. When you get 'the right one,' tap the selector button 3 times rapidly. You will then see the light activate.

3. Keep enjoying your ideal hit, with maximum battery efficiency provided by the DNA GO. Vape smarter.

Preheat Function - Prime and prepare your cartridge for the ultimate hit with the preheat function, activated by clicking the fire button 2 times rapidly.

The device comes with three magnetic adapters; two for a larger cartridge and one for a smaller one. 

Although the LVE Sonnet has an extremely long battery life, it does eventually need to be recharged, so there is a provided USB Charging Cable. 

Cartridges are not included.

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