Kraken's Revenge 120ML E Juice Collection
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Kraken's Revenge 120ML E Juice Collection

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Blueberry Pie - The original blueberry kraken with its original graham cracker flavor.

Strawberry Pie - Sweet strawberry pie

Huckle Crisp - Huckleberry and a crunchy "treat" overtone

Dreadnought - Chocolate mint mousse

Pb And Jelly - Peanut butter and berry flavor

10 Fathoms - Banana bread with a hint of strawberries

Hazelnut Milk - A heavy hazelnut milk creamer flavor

Coconut Milk - A creamy coconut and milk flavor

Horchata - Sweet rice milk with a touch of bakery cinnamon

Epic Vanilla - Sweet vanilla flavor with a touch of honey

Root beer Float - The all american cream treat

Watermelon Menthol - Refreshing watermelon with a hint of graham and trace of menthol

Overboard Snow - An iced out blackberry punch delight

Icy Peach Apple - Juicy peach with a green apple exhale ICED OUT

Snow Fruit - A creamy and succulent rainbow sherbet flavor

Overboard - A sweet blackberry punch

Peach Apple - Sweet peach with a green apple exhale

12th Vape - Sweet and tangy sour skittles

Kiwi Marsh-mellow - A juicy kiwi with smooth marshmallow


Pitch Fork Edition

Dagon - Cinnamon gum flavor

Mictian - Boysenberry pie with a splash of zesty lemon

Lillith - A delicious green apple cream

Olisha - Crunch cereal doughnut

Abigar - Double whipped tangerine cream

Cyntari - Double whipped strawberry

Nerissa - Double whipped lemon

Sorath - Creamy whipped pineapple

Dante - Creamy blueberry milk


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