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ITC Vapes Juice Collection 120ml

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Spoon Licker OG - Nostalgia whipped into a sweet vape! This blend will take you back to when you were a kid licking strawberry cake batter off the mixing spoon.



Nilla Gorilla - Nilla Gorilla is a creamy banana pudding, balanced to perfection, then drizzled over vanilla wafers.



Custard #3 - Custard #3 is our traditional vanilla custard. Sweet vanilla cream stands out while "eggy" notes dance in the background. 


Red Wedding - Festive and oh so tasty, Red Wedding is a smooth red velvet cheesecake, spiked with cocoa and has that light tang that is loved in a red velvet dessert.


Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry Blonde is a deliciously creamy vanilla pudding, topped with sweet strawberries, with a hint of cookie wafer. If you love our other pudding blends (Nilla Gorilla & Puddin #9) be sure to check out this new blend.


Ceaser's Orange - Ceaser the Monkey's favorite vape. Tastes like our favorite orange sherbet, milk, and vanilla drink that we love and adore across America.


5-O - 5-O is an ooey gooey raspberry filled donut dusted with sugar crystals.


Puddin #9 - Puddin #9 is a rich blueberry pudding smothering a bed of yummy vanilla wafers.


Melon Twist - Melon Twist is a refreshing strawberry watermelon lemonade that balances sweet and tart to perfection. Lemonade is more upfront while strawberry and watermelon complete the flavor.


Oddy Knocky - Oddy Knocky is our rendition of that little orange pill shaped mint. A perfect combination of orange zest, sweet vanilla and fresh mint.


CinnaGram Custard - CinnaGram Custard is a smooth, rich custard dusted with crumbled cinnamon graham cracker.


Spoon Licker V2 - Similar to OG, Spoon Licker V2 still has pastry notes with a boost in the strawberry. The strawberry in V2 is more complex and upfront, with the pastry notes taking a back seat.


Loopy Fruit - Loopy Fruit is a classic tropical citrus fruit ring cereal made just the way we like it. Loopy Fruit comes on as a sweet fruit ring cereal then it leaves you with a "bottom of the bowl" milk soaked taste. 


Turkish Blend - A delightfully nutty, smokey, and slightly creamy turkish tobacco blend. Turkish has an incredibly smooth yet potent tobacco taste that mixes very well with other flavors.


Apple Buns - What's better than a warm apple fritter? Sweet apple blended perfectly with a lush donut


Sweet Blue - Sweet Blue is a our take on the blueberry


The Base - The Base is the magical pudding and vanilla wafer base behind Nilla Gorilla, Puddin #9, Strawberry Blonde, & Peachy Keen. The Base is tasty on its own or mix with almost any other flavor for your own pudding masterpiece


Eclair - Eclair is sweet and yummy chocolate eclair donut


Maple Pecan - Maple Pecan is a nutty butter pecan ice cream


Heaven's Bounty - Other than describing Heaven's Bounty as unique, complex, and delicious, it's a difficult blend to describe. Imagine a sweet & creamy vape, light coconut, undertones of a tart fruit, and a unique note that some describe as an exotic spice. However you might describe it, Heaven's Bounty is a flavor profile you've never experienced before.


Dirty Granny - Grandma's fresh baked apple cobbler with a pinch of cinnamon then drizzled in milk chocolate


Dragon Dew - Dragon Dew is a citrusy m. dew with a splash of dragon fruit and we're pretty sure it's one of the best dews you will ever taste. Considering the citrusy nature of Dragon Dew, an increase in throat hit should be expected.


Doodlez - Doodlez is a freshly baked sugar cookie lightly dusted in cinnamon. 


Coconut Cream - Coconut Cream is a perfect blend of vanilla cream with an ample dose of sweet coconut.


Bananaberry Dream - Bananaberry Dream is a banana dominant vape with a sweet and creamy strawberry undertone.


Emerald City Chai - The wonderful flavors of warm ginger, sweet cinnamon, aromatic cloves and cardamom are a rowdy bunch with a perfectly harmonized taste. Blended with sweet, frothy milk and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.


Peachy Keen - Peachy Keen is a deliciously creamy vanilla pudding, topped with sliced peaches, with a hint of cookie wafer.


Melon Blast - Melons for days! Melon Blast hits you with some cantaloupe and honeydew as well as a few other exotic fruits to round it out.


Black n Blue Cheese - Black n Blue Cheese is a sweet and creamy cheesecake with a tart blackberry and blueberry topping.


Wintermint - Wintermint is a blast of wintergreen and spearmint with a menthol kick accompanied by just the right amount of sweet creaminess to round it all out.


Topsy Turvy - This classic cake, with it's moist, flavorful topping of pineapple rings and cherries, has been an American favorite for generations. The cake is buttery, brown sugary and very tasty.


Dirty Dutchman - Dirty Dutchman is a creamy caramel with a hint of vanilla accompanied by a dutch cigar blend. A twist on RY4, this juice is plenty sweet and can be enjoyed by tobacco lovers and possibly even tobacco haters alike.


Mach 10 - Mach 10 is your caramel vanilla coffee in the morning without the calories.


Rabbit Hole - Rabbit Hole has layers of moist cake loaded with that comforting spice flavor we all know and love. Tender and mighty, bursting with shredded carrots, toasted pecans and a luscious cream cheese frosting.


Lemon Bar - Lemon Bar is a sweet sugar cookie topped with a rich, creamy lemon. Even if you're not a fan of lemon don't eliminate this flavor immediately. The main star of this blend is the sugar cookie while the lemon balances the sweetness and fills in the back end of the flavor.


Silver Ry4 - Silver is a custom RY4 that tastes like vanilla tobacco coated with caramel. Our secret ry4 blend is an ooey gooey creamy caramel with a hint of vanilla. The tobacco is a smooth, slightly creamy, nutty, and tangy Turkish blend. The tobacco and sweet caramel components are balanced pretty evenly making silver a great choice for those looking for a more traditional ry4.


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