Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Collection 100ml Vape Juice
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Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Collection 100ml Vape Juice

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Blue Raspberry - Sweet, plump, oozing blue raspberries invigorate the palette with their cool sugary flavor as you inhale, then a sharply contrasting sour straw candy flavoring excites and awakens the taste buds as you exhale, leaving them tingling for more. The delicious sweet and sour duality of this e-liquid guarantees it a place in your collection.

Green Apple - Explosively fruity, tart green apple bursting with juicy, mouth-puckering flavor that will leave you reminiscing on old childhood memories and get you feeling like a little kid again, complemented splendidly with that oh so familiar sour candy, eye-squinting flavor that secures this delectable e-liquid’s spot as a fan favorite.

Watermelon - Buckle in for a refreshingly cool wave of everlasting sugary watermelon that exquisitely pools on the tongue, leaving your sweet tooth desperately pleading for more, as the sharp contrast of tingling tart straw candy bursts on the taste buds and leaves your mouth drooling like the Mississippi River. This flavor combination perfects the art of contradiction and makes for the perfect e-liquid.

Strawberry - Classic, glistening red, sweet strawberry is a familiar flavor that is comforting and soothing to the palette, with a twist in this sour candy inspired e-liquid. The enjoyment of the time-honored fruity treat is preserved and intensified with the distinct tarty sour rush of cool candy straw flavor that floods taste buds leaving a steady craving for more.

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