As soon as you start enjoying vaping, you want to explore more and find out whether there are possibilities to enhance your experience. It is not uncommon to see vapers move from regular tanks to using sub-ohm tanks. Vapers enter this realm because of the monstrous cloud production and the enhanced flavor. If you want to try sub-ohm vaping, it is important that you invest in a sub-ohm tank. Here are some things that you need to know about sub-ohm tanks and what makes them sub-ohm tanks.

With sub-ohm tanks, one thing is guaranteed- better vapor production. This is because, unlike regular tanks, sub-ohm tanks have adjustable airflow. Thus, the vaper can adjust the airflow to let in more air. As a result, more air mixes with the vaporized e-juice at any given time, leading to the large clouds production. Another factor that goes into ensuring billowy clouds are produced is the fact that sub-ohm tanks are used with high power devices. As a result, the coils in these tanks get hotter and vaporize more e-liquid at any given moment- this means more vapor is produced.

If using sub-ohm tanks, you must learn their basics. They don't operate like regular tanks; hence you just cannot assume that anything will work for them. First, you must understand which e-liquids work better with sub-ohm tanks. For starters, you will need to get a higher VG e-liquid. Sub-ohm tanks work best with heavier e-liquids. Besides, the coils in sub-ohm tanks tend to get very hot, which means more power to vaporize Vegetable Glycerin that tends to have a higher boiling point. Higher VG e-liquids are also recommended because they enhance the ability of sub-ohm tanks to produce more vapor.

When using sub-ohm, you will also need to go slow on the nicotine. This is because, with more e-liquid being vaporized at a time, you tend to inhale more. Therefore, if you use very high amounts of nicotine, you might get an unpleasant punch. So, sub-ohm tanks make a good choice for advanced vapers that are planning to reduce their nicotine intake.

Sub-ohm tanks are all about large clouds production and intense flavor. Therefore, it goes without saying that the sub-ohm tank is not for stealth vapers. However, if you enjoy cloud chasing, you need to be prepared to use more e-juice. But, that's just a little cost for the ultimate experience you are about to enjoy.

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2021

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