Salt Nicotine Pod Kits

Nicotine salt vaporizers have been redeveloped for low-wattage devices, and they feature a slick and ultra-portable design. When it comes to smooth flavors, you simply must try vape pod systems. Nic salt mods are perfect for vapers who crave that high nicotine content but want a smoother throat hit, and they use a synthetic nicotine to achieve this goal.

Not only do they feature a compact design, but you can also use high PG liquid in addition to nic salt-based eliquids. The battery features a short charging time, and they hold up to 2mL of vape juice at a time. This makes the pod vaping device the perfect backup system to add to your collection. This versatility makes them very popular with vapers, and we offer some of the best pod vapes available today.

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